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Pricing Our Membership

We're not here to make the world a better place. We're here to make our place a better world.

EQ is a marketing co-operative that proclaims our city’s strength in business.

Radical Business Publication

Built by entrepreneurs for 'preneurs of all varieties, EQ stands for a collective member-based democratic approach to engaging with the world's greatest workplace challenges at a city level. 

Sophisticated Media Platform

There is great dignity in work so the EQ publishing platform aligns every incentive to channel our members' leadership into their local community and be rewarded with new business opportunities.

Thought Leadership Program

When the future of work is changing faster than you can say "artificial intelligence", EQ events help members sharpen their competitive edge through learning and teaching opportunities.

Power Tools for Places

Our goal is to produce a truly original, high quality and worthwhile media brand that propels the growth of our business community.

Our membership proposition offers readers a radical alternative to current media monetization solutions like ad networks, donations and subscription paywalls.


Storytelling meets content marketing. Local news, media and advertising, re-thunk and re-aligned from the bottom up.

Advertising Tools

Hiring? Post a job ad. Celebrating? Put it on the calendar. Just written a whitepaper? Create a text link ad. Something bigger, bolder, braver? Run display ads.

Marketing Tools

EQ can't beat the publishing power and reach of social media but we can share what we hear and how we listen. Join our data commonwealth to follow what's making an impact.

Lead Generation Tools

Advertising platforms on social media and search engines offer end-to end customer conversion solutions and EQ is no different. Our tech stack is your turnkey marketing automation stack.

Powerful Ways to Connect

The more products and services we help each other sell, the more jobs we create in the cities we stand for.

To join EQ's paid membership program is to keep your dollars in your city and support others developing talent for your city.


Make an impact. Grow your business. Fulfill your mission.


Our editorial calendar is a thought leadership development program and our publication is a startup marketing accelerator.


When you stand for being a contribution to society, EQ stands with you to accelerate your confidence and clarity, passion and purpose.


We're a digital- remote- employee- first media company transforming local news into a data commonwealth, so you can be digital- remote- employee- first too.

Potent Reasons to Collaborate

There are two types of capital in Capitalism: assets and cashflow. Investors need assets but communities need cashflow.

To join EQ's paid membership program is to distribute the means of production (to knowledge workers in the information economy) before distributing the profits.


Go beyond engagement stats. Target what's at-stake in your brand development.

Connect Virtually

Profound relationships now start online. Use EQ's virtual event automation tools to personally connect with other members, co-host webinars or workshops and share your wisdom and experience.

Leadership Training

The best way to learn is to teach. From co-hosting webinars to co-developing online training courses, EQ offers you a ladder to keep leveling up your professional experience and perfecting your message. 

Personal Footprint

Use the EQ network to expand your network. Our marketing automation tools offer friction-free lead generation and software integrations that empower you to manage your own business data.

Empowering Context to Co-operate

Let’s empower everyone to become successful knowledge workers creating wealth in the information economy.

To join the EQ paid membership program is to creatively combine our passions and channel your purpose through the innovation community's sense of place, priority and direction.

3 Reasons Why You Should Become A Paid-Up EQ Member Today.

EQ's paid membership platform offers you an on-demand business consulting team-as-a-service powered by an entire city of wealth creators and industry experts focused on your company's growth.

Promote Your Company

Tell everyone what you're doing now and how they can get involved in your next great adventure.

Share Your Story

Get the message of who you are and how you're making an impact in your community out there.

Grow Your Business

Demonstrate your expertise to convert prospects into paying customers and educate your market.

Scream-If-You-Want-To-Go-Faster Member Upgrades

Our thought leadership programs are designed to scale with your plans as a business and a businessperson.




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"Jonathan Allen and EQ are an invaluable asset to any company. When we were seeking insights on how to best apply to get our foreign cofounder’s 0-1 visa, Jonathan was not only able to give easy to understand and actionable advice, but he also used his network and resources to build a strong case for the application. Thanks to Jonathan and the whole EQ team I am happy to say the application was successful and our cofounder now has the right to live and work in the US. I highly recommend working with them!"

Aiden Livingston
Founder & CEO, ThermoAI

"When WayLit was applying for Arch Grants, EQ was super helpful. We wanted to make sure our company communicated the vision succinctly and vividly. EQ helped us with everything from simple word substitutions to making the overarching narrative as compelling as possible. We did win an Arch Grants in 2019 and I'm grateful for the fantastic advice from EQ."

Satya Mishra
CTO, WayLit

"We partnered with EQ to develop a weekly online talk show focused on the fast-growing St. Louis startup scene. While our initial collaboration was meant to be just an experiment, our relationship grew from there. Whether it was a referral to a new client or an introduction to an ideal guest, Jonathan has always been ready and willing to help us take the next crucial step in the right direction. We were even able to secure a featured interview booth at MDMC through our partnership where we met many of the event's top speakers! If given the opportunity to partner with Jonathan or EQ we would strongly recommend doing so!"

Nick Niehaus
Co-Founder, Connect Marketing

"EQ's mentorship was a great blessing during my participation in UMSL's startup competition program, Entrepreneur Quest. Jonathan gave so much effort and attention to all of the individuals he helped. There have been countless times he would provide loads of information to me—pouring into me, encouraging me, pushing me to think outside the box and ultimately challenging me. So much that an idea became reality within a matter of weeks with the help of EQ. I was seeking advice on a concise pitch. He helped tremendously with wording, instilling confidence in me along the way. I appreciate the genuine experience I had learning from Jonathan."

Destini Clark
Founder, Beauty Wonders

"To me, entrepreneurship is about asking oneself the important questions. And how you choose to answer these questions can be the difference between creating something successful, or something not-so-much. EQ was extremely instrumental during the investigation phase. EQ's Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Allen, never did the work for us, he simply inquired. Questions like how do you plan to target your target market, what message are you sending them, and WHY are you sending them this message are all questions that have helped AceOff grow."

Jamal Hoffman
Co-Founder, AceOff

"SEO has propelled our business growth — our content platform is among the fastest in our industry. Our success was powered by strategies, tactics and advice from Jonathan Allen, Editor-in-Chief at EQ. Jonathan came through for us, helping us cut through the noise about SEO, to get down to the nuts and bolts of building a successful web platform. If you're trying to grow a content platform, or just trying to wrap your head around whether SEO is the right strategy for your business, I strongly recommend that you take the time to speak with Jonathan and leverage EQ's resources."

Luke Babich
Co-Founder & COO, Clever Real Estate

"Jonathan Allen was one of the first people we met in St Louis, and he has helped us a lot, especially on our first steps in the city, telling us about the Arch Grants Application, helping us on our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo and sharing his network with us. The Arch Grants Recipient Award was very important to Key2Enable to establish ourselves in St. Louis and in the United States. With his help, we were able to create a successful launch campaign on IndieGoGo and keep growing strong with the help of lots of people that Jonathan has introduced to us."

William de Oliveira
Co-Founder & CEO, Key2Enable