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Entrepreneur Quarterly (EQ) serves a hyperlocal niche community of innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners and their workforce. Our audience wants to learn about how innovative thinking and executive decisions are making an impact in their city, and discover ways they can participate in the economic growth of where they live.

Advertise Job Vacancies

Post your current vacancies on our jobs search engine. Boost your job ads to the top of the job board to reach active job seekers who are looking for work right away. 

Advertise Full Time, Part Time and Temporary employment positions. You can even source Freelancers or offer Internships.

Job ads feature in prominent positions on EQ articles and in the daily email newsletter. Spotlight the best job opportunities to headhunt passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job but might consider changing roles.

Promote Upcoming Events

Create an event listing and submit it to our curated events calendar. Host all the details on the EQ platform or drive users directly to your own event page.

Manage attendee registration on your own platform or use our friction-free marketing automation tools to reach EQ members directly. You can even schedule email reminders or follow-up special offers.

Boost your events listings to get them highlighted in EQ’s daily email newsletter, alongside articles and at the top of the events calendar.

Upload Banner Ads

When you’ve got a new product to launch or a big event coming up, sometimes you just need everybody to know! We get it.

Deploy your ad creative into our highly visible yet tastefully positioned advertising zones on our publication and in our newsletter.

Our zones follow IAB standards, in terms of formats and viewability, so it's simple to repurpose your ads on other channels to target EQ's audience. You can also track impressions and clicks, or set specific conditions and criteria for display.

Create Text Link Ads

It’s not true that pictures are worth a thousand words. Especially when it comes to b2b, pictures don’t say very much and often distract users from their original intention.

Text link advertising offers purposeful readers a clear and concise message without interrupting their browsing experience.

With IAB standard analytics and inventory management controls you can get creative with testing and comparing different ad text.

Bookmark Company Wins

Every company profile on EQ acts as a handy quick-reference guide for our readers. They automatically showcase all of the current job vacancies listed at the company, forthcoming events they're involved in and all previous coverage on EQ.

Take control of your own company profile to add structured data, such as links to your social accounts, podcast channels and app store listings. You can even list awards and have press coverage take pride of place too.

Boost Your Blog Posts

No doubt you’ve suffered the truism, “What’s the point of writing a blog post if nobody reads it?”

Fear not, you don’t have to explain it to us. There are plenty of reasons.

And we’d like to present you with another good reason: you can share the link on EQ.

Your post will feature on your company profile and in our daily newsletter. With any luck, that’ll create a few hundred more reasons to keep writing.

Track Brand Visibility

If you’re looking for a performance-based marketing solution, you got it. From quantifying the visibility of your ads to qualifying the popularity of content you’ve published, EQ has web analytics built into every layer of our tech stack.

Comparable to other blogging platforms, EQ provides content metrics such as, views, traffic data and clicks to your website. Industry standard metrics mean you can assess campaign performance across your entire marketing channel mix using apples-to-apples data comparisons. Even ads deployed on other publications and networks.

Automate Your Marketing 

This EQ feature is a little more complicated to explain. But if you don't have a website...

...or your team is short of an incredible marketing automation tech stack that can convert new leads, capture their opt-in customer registration data and then automatically send them a research paper, video, or some other virtual product or information service, while simultaneously putting them in touch with a sales representative and adding a follow-up task to your sales department kanban board...

You can always use ours. Yep.

For us, STL Means "Stand Together and Lead"

Our first publication was launched in St. Louis in 2015. Now, five years later, we assert that the local challenges STL has been tackling are the global challenges that every city must face.

  • 59% ages 25-44, 18% ages 45-54

  • 55% are in the STL metro area with the other 45% spread all across the country

  • 53% have an income in excess of $75k per year, with 40% above $100k

  • They have completed their Bachelor’s degree at more than double the national rate, including 22% having completed grad school
  • Their occupations are professional/technical (36%), white-collar (22%), health services (15%) and sales/marketing (13%)
  • Interests include professional services (24%), financial products or investment vehicles (22%), employment (21%), with 10% or more interested in software, advertising and marketing strategies, further education and career consulting
  • 1.5 million Google Search impressions in the first six months of 2019

  • 20k first-page appearances on Google each month

  • 30k active users in the first half of 2019

  • 127k impressions on social media each month

  • 40,000 emails sent a month
  • 2.6k email subscribers

  • 30% of email subscribers are highly active

  • 25% email open rate (compare to the industry average of 16%)