Distribute Production Tools

To knowledge workers in the information economy.

Publication Program

Let’s Go Co-marketing

The co-operative philosophy that is the foundation of our media platform is to offer a magnificent marketing tool library that enables EQ members to find new customers, generate qualified business leads and purposefully forge profitable relationships.

Market Testing

Looking out for our readers properly means EQ will always be a niche publication in any innovation ecosystem we serve. Our audiences will never be large enough to compete with the reach offered by major media and social platforms.

However, "less traffic" means "more targeted" in digital marketing strategy. We offer EQ members creative partnership opportunities to market test product and service messaging in a microcosm and explore a variety of brand values.

Open Data Commonwealth

EQ members can work with our editorial team to source data-driven insights into the ecosystem's information needs and expand the reach of their content marketing campaigns on search engines and social media.

Decades of digital marketing expertise make EQ a great partner to run the gamut of possible questions. From how your stories can make an impact and with whom you should be talking; Or why specific issues resonate and when is the right time to raise them; To what our community is asking for help with and where you can make a difference.

Federated Data Integration

To ensure everyone’s interests and contributions align, the EQ platform enables federated data sharing across all types of digital content collaborations and co-marketing campaigns.

Using sophisticated software EQ distributes each new customer, business lead or revenue opportunity created on our platform, to all of the stakeholders involved. 

Which means every creator can enjoy the fruits of their labor; every sponsor can support local talent; while every prospect or customer knows exactly who’s behind the digital content products they’re consuming.

Market Your Products

Friction-Free Conversion

To get your business "in business" the EQ platform offers members custom campaign landing with hosted forms directly integrated into the page. Let us power your landing pages to create an "express checkout lane" for users already logged into the EQ member platform.

You can start communicating with prospects and converting customers immediately. Special controls offer timed pricing or product access, and workflow triggers automate lead nurturing campaigns on sign-up. 

Shared Communities

Co-marketing campaigns on EQ mean we can reach more people together. It also means we can share the responsibility of working in the interests of our community. 

Use our email automation, discount coupons and event scheduling tools to mobilize motivated segments of our community who are eager to learn more. Not only does sharing your passion and purpose help our members develop theirs, but you'll also be helping EQ cater to an even broader spectrum of our reader information needs. 

Automagic Workflows

This EQ feature dives a bit deeper into our software integration and is a little more complicated to explain. But imagine if you don't have a website...

...or if your team is short of an incredible marketing automation tech stack that can convert new leads, capture their opt-in customer registration data and then automatically send them a research paper, video, or some other virtual product or information service, while simultaneously putting them in touch with a sales representative and adding a follow-up task to your sales department kanban board...

You can always use ours. Yep.

Close The Deal

Payment Processing

Take credit card payments for your events, content and information products. Theoretically, you could even stand up an entire company or your first "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP) on the EQ platform if you like.

Full control means you can issue refunds when required or run special time-sensitive discounts too. Our smart money tip? Fund the growth of your marketing campaign by re-investing revenue from EQ micro-transactions into your advertising budget on other platforms.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing can be a win-win  proposition that innovative companies can offer media brands. Especially when confidence in your product is high.

It's a straightforward trade for reach that bypasses normal advertising costs and helps both parties test new products. The only complication with revenue sharing is actually sharing the revenue.

But we've already solved that for EQ members. You set the price and the percentage share and we take it from there.

Partner Payouts

Building on our core payment and revenue sharing capabilities, products and campaigns developed on the EQ platform are automatically enabled for commission, affiliate and partner payments.

Our platform automatically pays out to every stakeholder you nominate at the moment the transaction is completed. Which means you can create incentives for influencers and partners to reach their extended networks, or fundraise for the organizations you believe in.