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Designed to challenge convention and depart from the status quo, EQ's Partner program champions new perspectives and helps you establish common ground that empowers other members to join you in making a difference.

The EQ Partner program is an extremely flexible team-based solution that is responsive to all the human capital in our community by channelling a variety of editorial instincts, digital skills and advertising tools into a targeted quarterly co-operative marketing campaign. 

These advertising tools are only available to registered EQ Network Members. If you're not already a member, click here to create an account - it's FREE.

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For only $891/month EQ will design a quarterly initiative and execute a bespoke co-operative marketing and PR campaign solution intended to:

  • Recruit brand champions to share stories in service of your organization
  • Unite industry champions to share perspectives in service of local or national discussions
  • Create fundraisers for communities you want to empower through teaching, storytelling or crowdfunding
  • Launch revenue-generating events or products that can be a seed fund for community innovation
  • Challenge dominant narratives or historical conventions through multi-format (articles/videos/podcasts) digital media strategies

The EQ Partner program is a bespoke thought leadership product that includes all of our Platform services too.

EQ Platform

  • EQ will design a brand advertising and content marketing campaign that meets your set of business performance criteria and agreed cost-per-acquisition targets
  • EQ will produce a three-part multi-format feature or series on your brand
  • From curating speakers to inviting guests, EQ will act as media partner to co-host an event in partnership with your brand

You'll also get EQ's Accelerate and Voices tools, which means unlimited access to these member network upgrades:

EQ Accelerate

  • Forum for Media/PR Opportunities
  • Event Promotion Tools
  • Job Advertising Tools
  • Business Development Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Brand Advertising Tools

EQ Voices

  • Editorial Strategy Planning
  • Professional Editing
  • Writing Assistance
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Social Stories
  • Article Stats
  • Call-to-action Buttons

Wanna Learn More Before You Commit?

There's literally tons of possibilities for what you can achieve with and though the EQ Network community, that we simply can't name it all here. 

What's more, should you have to do all the heavy lifting to figure out how you'd spend nearly a thousand dollars a month in our community? 

No, of course not! 

So, if you'd like to discuss all the options first, feel free to drop us a message and/or request a proposal, or book a meeting (this option is only available to EQ Network Members - sign up here if you're not already one, it's FREE) and we can explore what kind of campaign might work for you over the phone.