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Sales Training for Non-Sales Professionals

In our personal lives, we sell to each other every day without even knowing it.

These skills that we all possess can be turned into powerful techniques that allow selling to become just a conversation.

Selling Is Just A Conversation (or SIJAC for short) is an easy-to-understand, successful sales methodology that enables sales professionals and non-sales people to sell successfully.

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Nowadays, business customers look to their potential suppliers to help them resolve issues rather than simply to provide them with products or services.

To satisfy this need, the Selling is just a conversation (SIJAC) programme guides you through the process of uncovering your customers' needs and matching your products and/or services to help solve the problems, in a relaxed and engaging way.

If you already work in the b2b sector and want to develop sales skills that will make you stand out from the competition, then this course is for you. Even if you don't regard yourself as a full time sales professional, this course is still for you.

The course takes you along you a straightforward sales path that is easy to follow regardless of whether you think you are a 'sales type' or not. Using it, you will quickly gain more confidence (and business!) as you learn to be yourself while engaging in complex sales conversations.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Have relaxed and highly effective b2b sales conversations that will separate you from your competitors
  • Manage complex business sales situations that involve many people over an extended period of time
  • Accurately forecast future sales and build a plan of action to achieve them

Who this course is designed for:

  • Anyone who wants to sell customised b2b products and/or services, even if it is only part time
  • Consultants or Technical people who want (or have been asked) to move into b2b sales
  • Consultants or Technical people who have been asked to support their organization's sales people
  • Business owners who want to sell more of their products or services to other organizations


  • You should want to sell high value solutions in the b2b marketplace
  • You should enjoy being with fellow business people

The Course covers:

  • Understanding conversation structures
  • Understand the structure of sales conversations
  • How to create positive business relationships in a few minutes
  • How to offer your services without sounding pushy

This course includes:

  • 35 mins of video
  • 18 short video lessons
  • 9 short quizzes to to reinforce the lessons
  • 2 (optional) assignments to help you apply the techniques in your work.
  • It'll take you between 1 and 2 hours to complete, depending on your level of engagement with the assignments.

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Allen has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in high value information technology products and services.

His background is in sales, international marketing and worldwide operations at SVP level for major American and European software companies such as Thorn EMI, Comshare, Pilot and Allshare, and also major banks and HR firms.

Currently he is a sales training consultant for the London Stock Exchange.